Rosneft Pulsar | Naked Eye

Rosneft Pulsar | Naked Eye

Rosneft Pulsar

Naked Eye

The Naked Eye technology bursts into the stream of ordinary videos, crossing the boundaries of screens and prompting the audience to say "wow," grab their smartphones, and willingly post brand advertisements to social networks.

We created a 3D Naked Eye video for Rosneft at the international exhibition at VDNKh. The exhibition is massive, and to attract attention, you have to make an effort. For native branding, we used the LADA Sport Rosneft racing car, a fueling station, and, of course, the premium fuel Pulsar.

A straightforward plot, a vivid object, and dynamic movement deliberately capture the viewer's emotions, generating interest and a desire to share the experience, spreading the video, collecting likes and reposts. Whether the booth stood out at the vibrant advertising exhibition can be judged by the visitors' reactions.